Watch Andra Day sing ‘Burn’ in latest #Hamildrop (+ Lin does American Express)

Perhaps the most emotionally devastating ditty in Hamilton, Eliza’s stripping down of her husband in Burn has been given a contemporary makeover for the latest #Hamildrop.

Andra Day’s version of the song was released as part of the Mixtape a year or so back, but now we have some stunning visuals to go with the vocals.

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda announced new music last year, following the release of the Mixtape featuring covers, remixes and other tracks from a variety of musicians. This is the latest in the series, and we can expect new #drops every month.

What’s especially cool about this one is that Miranda went to Day to ask about directors he didn’t know about, and so Aurora Guerrero was hired.

Watch the video below.

As a bonus, here’s a new American Express ad featuring some fave faces.