Ian McKellen injured on the way to King Lear, goes on stage anyway

Ian McKellen delighted audiences over the weekend as a cancelled performance of King Lear turned into a impromptu evening of stories when the actor refused to give those there to see him nothing following an injury.

The performance could not go ahead as planned due to McKellen injuring his leg on the way to work (running for the train, if you can imagine such a thing), but the screen and theatre legend sat on stage for more than an hour anyway.

One audience member, Kirsty Bushell, wrote on Instagram: “An amazing and beautiful thing happened today from misfortune. Ian hurt his leg and was unable to do the show. Determined to give the audience somthing, he spoke for over an hour about his life, career and love of acting, in particular Shakespeare to a full house.

“It was utterly spontaneous, completely natural, and deeply touching. The theatre was full of love and compassion. Check out the actors and stage managers in the wings. We hunched there, delighted. And, the giant of a human will be performing tonight.”

Mckellen received a standing ovation at the end of the session, when he welcomed cast mates on stage despite them not having performed.

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