Hamilton film won’t arrive in cinemas until at least 2020

A filmed version of the hit stage musical Hamilton won’t be released in cinemas anytime soon, despite being made two years ago.

Such a delay was teased when Lin-Manuel Miranda announced that filming had taken place, almost certainly to ensure that ticket sales remained steady as the starry cast left one by one. It’s also understandable that Miranda wanted the touring and international casts to get their turn without audiences having another option.

The film won’t hit cinemas until at least 2020, it’s now being reported, and studios are currently bidding for the distribution rights.

Note: A lot of reports are quite misleading, saying that this news relates to a movie adaptation of the show, but it actually refers to the filmed Broadway show that was made before the original cast departed.

As anyone who’s been on the Hamilton train for a while can agree on, there’s something special about that original assembly of actors, and so seeing the show with those men and women leading the charge will be worth the wait.

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

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